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-I'm a Business Analyst at a technology company.
-I'm a PT actress. But I'm practical.
-I graduated from Berkelely with a Political Science degree.
-I am a single female living in LA.
-I love travelling. I travel solo alot, thus the numerous amount of scenery pix.
-I'm a cinephile and celebrity gossip junkie. I like my entertainment. It's my guilty pleasure. Dlisted and Perez Hilton keep my day busy.
-I love history and my favorite place in the US is the Smithsonian.
-I psychoanalyze and analyze everything; wasting time in crazy-ass thought obssessions.
-I want to be wealthy through real estate investing or a brilliant business idea (but i lack the discipline).
-My goal is to live a fulfilling and happy life. I think I'm missing the happy gene, but am trying my darn hardest to live a good life.
-I hope to use blogging for networking purposes; meeting new and interesting people. And also to write down my ramblings.

vox: (n) voice. right.
sentia: (v) a feminized version of the word sentio - to feel. to perceive. to experience. to hold an opinion. to realize truth. to judge. to suppose. to vote. [latin]


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